One family talks about the other

"My son has made wonderful improvement, not only academically but also with his confidence.The support of the teachers at Vidyavalley International School has been outstanding. They are willing to try new things and help my child grow. They also value and respect my inputs as a parent."

“I really appreciate the efforts put in by the Vidyavalley International School team for Vihaan's growth and progress. The school has included lots of activities through which he has learnt many things. He has also started speaking small sentences in English at home, which really delights me. Vihaan has become more active and friendly with people. We got more than what we wanted…I wish Vidyavalley International School all the best for the glorious future ahead!

“Picking the right school for a child is really a difficult decision. However, for me, it was pretty smooth. I was on a break from my engineering career to take care of my daughter and, alongside and I was tutoring almost 35 students from various nearby schools. My tutoring experience with the 6 students of Silver Bell was outstanding, as infact they are self-learnt and don’t need any assistance further.The school follows the latest teaching methods true to the requirement today. The teachers are skilled and really work very hard for every student. With provisions of regular assessments, e-learning, learn through play and various indulging activities, Vidyavalley International School is certainly a great competitor among other expensive schools. Apart from that, the school's management is very approachable and always ready to address to issues, if any. I am really very happy and impressed with the school.”

Vidyavalley International School has been very effective in helping my child achieve her best. The method of teaching is excellent and is filled with lot of fun activities and entertainment. This creates an interest in the concept of learning.The local board and senior leaders provide effective leadership to the school.Interesting and new ideas of learning and teaching is what makes SBTS different. The teachers are extremely good at their job; they are friendly, enthusiastic, informative and above all, they love the children.”