About Us

The most remarkable success of this institution is that it believes in providing quality education to shape a quality future of our nation. The working mantra of this institution is that “The students are like the seeds which , when drenched with the water of knowledge, underneath the soil of education, grow into gigantic and strong trees, that bear the sweetest fruits”. To bring out these sweet fruits, the fraternity dedicatedly provides the students with essence of facilities like military training, Horse Riding, Archery, Rifle Shooting, Parade Drill, Performing Arts, Dramatics, Team Building skills and adventurous activities. Apart from these, the detailed academic teachings of the school are always served to the students edification. These all activities bring out the smart scholars, talented actors, creative artists or the vibrant sportspersons within the students. Perseverance and unbridled determination go a long way in sustaining in life and so we must always look at the brighter side of life- for only then will all the impossible become possible.


Quality Education since 2004

Spacious Class Room, Computer Lab, Moths Lab, Library and Laboratory

Interactive Boards along with AV room

Spacious Play Ground for Sport Activities

Separate Activity Room and Toy Room

Transport Facility