Attention is one of the foremost things that a family gives its children. For us, at Vidyavalley International School, it’s not any different. With the best teacher student ratio in VIDYAVALLEY INTERNATIONAL SCHOOL Pune, we ensure each of our students gets enough attention to nurture him / her without any compromise.


At Vidyavalley International School we pay a great deal of attention to the holistic development of children. We focus on co-curricular activities and life skills as much as we focus on academics. Besides music, sports, art, we also guide our children to communicate better, behave right and be responsible towards people and the society.


We make sure the students are exposed to our country’s rich culture so that when they grow up, they are well-informed about the roots of our culture. We celebrate festivals and organize various events that let children discover the different colors of the nation. Apart from this, we guide them to acquire better habits, family values and good behavior too.


With a lot of dedication and unhindered attention we nurture our students to become future-ready. We teach them to master life skills and provide them an environment which has the right balance of freedom and discipline. This helps children become more decisive, independent and responsible. It helps them in the long run and prepares them to face future challenges, evaluate circumstances and make better decisions.